Hi. We're Julie and Ben. In 2017, we took a month-long cross-country road trip with our dog and newborn baby. General chaos ensued. When we weren’t changing diapers on the side of the road, one of our favorite memories from the trip was playing mini golf on a hot Texas night with cold drinks in hand. Curiosity piqued, we started researching community-designed mini golf courses and discovered the concept of art as recreation and recreation as art was popping up across the world. We returned home determined to open a local, creative community-designed mini golf course and bar in our hometown. 

Why mini golf? Because mini golf is for everyone! Mini golf is a great excuse for people of all ages and abilities to put down their devices and play together. It's affordable, as competitive as you want to make it and doesn't require any preparation to enjoy. It's informal, delightfully technology-free and you can have a conversation (and a drink) while you play. The only thing that could make it better? Beautiful, curated holes and obstacles that are humorous or thought-provoking. Voila! Our business was born. 

We can't wait to welcome you to Bull City Mini. Hosting you is a dream come true for us. 

Julie & Ben

Road tripping home to Durham with mini golf on our minds, July 2017

Road tripping home to Durham with mini golf on our minds, July 2017



Julie Bryce

Professional marketer, amateur gardener, slow runner, wine enthusiast



Ben Owens

Engineer, data scientist, sports enthusiast, nerd